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Are Non Believers Happier People Than Christians?

Paticularly now with the Stay At Home process.

Overall--Which group is the happiest?

alon 6 Apr 7

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And people who like chocolate are much happier than people who like vanilla

lerlo Level 8 Apr 8, 2020

Happiness depends on many factors including personality type and personal circumstances. You cannot possibly take an entire group of either believers or non-believers and judge which group is happier based solely on whether they believe in god or not.


I think non Christians are probably more realistic, just on a daily basis. Being in denial may increase happiness, but overall it’s still not a good place to be, just a survival mechanism, (or not, for those they chose to persecute or feel don’t fit in 🙁).
Overall I don’t think it’s a belief in a God or gods that would make a difference but your general outlook and demeanour.


probably the christians... they are probably learning what it is like to be free of religious social pressures. Now if they just give up christmas.... we will be free of rude angry shoppers who buy gifts they can't afford to impress their church members... then we will be free of the snippy christians at work when they are trying to work extra hours to pay for all those christmas gifts they have over spent. 🙂 The rest of us are happy ever day free of that religious drama


Beats the daylights out of thinking your every move/ thought is being judged, harshly.



As a non-believer, I am extraordinarily much happier than when I was a Christian. I no longer have the threat of a mythical God and His mythical Hell hanging over me.

(And fuck you, Vic Bensley, for making me suffer for 20 years of mental hell.)

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