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...What is this place? I like it, Think I may stay a spell. Who are you?

M1NDM4NIC 3 Apr 16

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bobwjr Level 10 Apr 16, 2020

Hover your mouse over the tab, Learn, above. Click on "About Us" and "FAQ."

Welcome to the Community

"Agnostic is a non-profit and non-prophet community for people who are naturally good without any gods. Our members have a wide range of views about what the site should be about. For some, it's a place to nurture humanist or non-religious principles. For others, it's a place to recover from a religious past or to reaffirm one's non-theism.

"We hope to provide a safe place for people to share their thoughts and opinions, get involved in secular causes, keep up with news, and even meet others. We are not an anti-religion website."

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I am detested by the God Mob. I am ruthless in the debunking of logical fallacies. I make no apologies for having a brain and making use of it.

As a number of other people would say "Welcome to the asylum. I hope you enjoy your stay.".

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