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Just face it

bobwjr 9 May 13

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An excellent point.

I've noticed that nothing quite pisses off the privileged as much as having their privilege pointed out, so I'm going to share this. 🙂

Great 👍


As usual it's only supporting the rights they want and like. The country says you have a right to an abortion but they don't like that one. The country says you have a right to gay marriage. But they don't like that one either.The Supreme Court and the 10th amendment gives states police power.
The US Supreme Court even says they can't have any gun they want. Maybe when their supreme leader, racist, idiot, incompetent leaves office, the rule of law will prevail once more. Shall we all pray? 🤣🤣

lerlo Level 8 May 13, 2020

Too right!

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