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Israel has done another land grab, approved under Trump's "Deal of the century".
But the Palestinians seem especially pissed off about it this time. I smell trouble

powder 8 May 19

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I’ve been wondering where trump’s diversion war might come from.. He’s primed several regions ... in case his reappointment wasn’t looking so good. ‘American’s’ are easily distracted 😕

Varn Level 8 May 20, 2020

So easily !!!!


This deal is four months old. Not news. Anyway the Palestinians are always pissed off even if you give them what they want. What does trouble smell like?

Trouble smells like Trump who has inspired the Palestinians; the have torn up agreements. Plan is 4 months old, only just enacted.

@powder They don't need inspiration. You could give them everything they want, they still will be radical jihadists.


Not familiar with that particular 'land grab.' Details?

Settlements in West Bank been annexed eg not settlements anymore, part of Israel. Palestinian authorities have apparently pulled out of all agreements with the US and Israel.

@powder I'm usually sympathetic to Israel...

@Storm1752 getting harder and harder though isn't it? Especially when they do shit like this, with a very weak coalition government led by Netanyahu with charges hanging over him in the middle of a pandemic. Trump's "final solution" plan for the Israel/ Palestinian question had been widely condemned around the world when released. It has no support out of vassel states to Israel and the US. Even Australia condemned it and we usually say "how high?" when the US tells us to jump.

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