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The other day there was a post about Memorial day. I mentioned didn't celebrate it much but respected it. That may have been confusing.
As i sit here pondering the upcoming weekend of Memorial day, i think of all of those gone before me, not just my direct ancestors. It took all the millions upon thousands of years of hard won evolution to place us here at this Junction.
Could there be a time that "we" do not need to win at evolution, but rather learn to properly work together with evolution as a tool for success rather than win with deadly suffering?.....Do we have a choice? We have at our disposal to make choices......
Do I miss my recent ancestors? Very much so. I remember them everyday. Do i think special of them on a memorial day, no. Everyday is special......
Happy Memorial Day to everyone worldwide, the day to remember the struggles that got us all here today.....
I was pondering about this, this morning as spring is in its rush to its beautiful production, i think of those beautiful beings that paved our way.....

HerbertNewsam 6 May 22

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This year there won't be barbeques, parades, fireworks displays, drinking parties or weekends at the shore. Maybe now we can commemorate what Memorial Day is for. To honor those who gave their lives in service to our country. It's not exclusively for the right wing, all Americans should be touched by the loss of life. So many Americans have lost their life to Covid-19 and thousands have been Veterans and people currently in the military. Maybe this year you should celebrate it.

I will celebrate that remembrance on Veterans day i look at memorial day as remembering all of humanity. All family members.
I see no reason to have 2 days a year dedicated to the military process. A process that requires lots of bodies.
Governments have been in the body business with religions long before the bible was a thought. There is s real reason they get taxation breaks. Pay off money for willing heaven entrance.
1886 was a long time ago and the only relevant memory of that period was freedom of slaves. They still have not much freedom.
To me it is a family day, to remember family, all familys loose loved ones.

@HerbertNewsam Veterans Day is the anniversary of the end of WWI, and honors those who served. Memorial Day is to remember those who gave the supreme sacrifice, a much more solemn day. Two different holidays. If you don't respect the military, at least have a little respect for those who gave their lives.

@barjoe i respect the military, just because i see a problem with it and express it does not relate to disrespect. The start of it this was 1884 or 86. The union wanted lots of pats on the back and only effect of the war was a different form of slavery. Then it became what it is today.
I am a Vietnam veteran and both my sons are veterans as well as a grandson. I stand by my critique of our government.

@HerbertNewsam I'm glad you get to honor them on Veterans Day and don't have to honor them on Memorial Day. I don't know what Reconstruction has to do with honoring our fallen heros but whatever.

@barjoe i don't think it is a question about honoring fallen heros, all of us veterans do that as does our family, it is about how the government has done things....

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