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Who is this RavenCT person and why is she given this reign on the site ?
I just saw an entire post with several members complaining about her. Then I see her post on who all gets blocked or whatever.. But as I am blocked by her, I could not go to it and comment....
What is up with all of this weird stuff ?

JohnnyQB 7 May 22

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Her post was pinned to the top of the site. I complained, they removed the pin, they don't know how it happened, they're investigating. Admin quote, "that post should not have been pinned to the top of the general forum"

lerlo Level 8 May 23, 2020

She doesn't have reign except over her own groups, just as every member who makes a group has. She has no more power than any other member. There's a zealous set of members (sometimes acting as a group) who seem to dwell on trolling RavenCT when the opportunity arises. From what I gather, they seem to have a grudge against her because she blocked them from her groups.

As for her scammer group, there is at least one other group doing likewise. All she's doing is pointing out suspicious members. The issue of whether or not it should be allowed certainly isn't up to her.

Yes, my question of why she was given reign was an exaggeration of course. It caught my attention when I saw the post, I was not aware that you could create a group like that. Seems like admin business, to take it as far as creating a group to do so anyway. The post I saw had a lot of bold capital lettering and exclamation points, it was eccentric to say the least. That was pretty much what I was talking about. And the fact that people actually went to the trouble of posting about this person...
She has me blocked but I saw the post in the general feed. When i click to go to it, it tells me it is unavailable.


While i'm at it ... What happened to Novelty ? Can't seem to find her even when searching the name.

she was here 2 days back

@Allamanda Yes I think I saw her then myself.


Not sure myself...


self-appointed scammer nark. longtime member on a Power Trip. victim of her Own self-righteousness.

What power? She has no more power than any of the rest of us, a fact of which she's well aware. She's on a power trip with the same limited powers that the rest of us have?

@bingst the power of a name taker. perhaps No Authority but the power of influence.


Get the jump. Block them first. I did see a rambling post about blocking people. She may be a little wacky. Be glad she blocked you, now you won't have to deal with her crap. Hopefully she blocks me.

Yea but i'm still curious as to why this is...

@JohnnyQB Don't worry about it. It's a random anonymous troll

@barjoe She is not a troll, she's a member. I'm just wondering why they allow a member to do this. There is no answer you can give me though,.. It is a question for the powers that be.

@JohnnyQB Members can be trolls. She has a right to block people just like you could've blocked her. If there's no answer I can give you then you'll have to figure it out for yourself. Me personally, I don't give these people a second thought.

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