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LINK Electric transportation is disrupting oil consumption, but cars aren't the main disruptor

This is interesting, I can see a trend here. I would still love to be able to afford a Segway.

Honorabledougn 6 May 22

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No impact on oil consumption from United States from EVs. The impact is in China, which is going to EVs, is driving the surplus of oil. I can afford a Segway but would never want one. Electric city cars in United States are very impractical. No place to park them, no place to charge them. No good in the country either, range max maybe someday 500 miles. Cross country is out of the question. Gas and diesel you only have a five minute refill as opposed to a two hour charge. Not going to take more than 10% of the American market anytime soon. I'm not against EVs, I just know it they won't take over in my lifetime.

things are changing faster than you think, I am in a small city in Alberta, and I already have 3 to 4 fast chargers not that far from my home.


It just takes 1 wheel.

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