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Heard that this morning on NPR. And this screwball thought he should have gotten the Nobel Prize? Too bad there's no prize for being totally stupid. He's even too stupid for the ignoble prize.

I completely agree with you; however, in a world where Rush Limbaugh gets a Medal of Freedom, I fear anything is possible.

@Amzungu As usual we must always consider the source. Just who gave him that medal??? So, in this case it is less than meaningless.

@JackPedigo Agreed. It is meaningless. I guess that is what bothers me so much about our whole situation. Everywhere you look, what once was revered and held in high esteem, is becoming instantly meaningless in its ridiculousness.

@Amzungu I totally agree and then a pandemic comes along and everything changes. The bad seem to get worse but those that care join forces to help each other. The area I live the later has really taken off and even a FB group has been formed to desiminate information and help. [] This movement is county wide. However, a problem has cropped up. It was announced that the 3:05 ferry to Lopez, Shaw and Orcas was full. The state and county parks are somewhat open but not for camping and most of the inns are limited in capacity. I saw a few remarks, rightly so, that this is a memorial day tourist group probably headed for Orcas, the big island. People really don't want outsiders here during this critical time. We have had 1 case and that was from someone from Seattle hoping to hibernate in her vacation home.

@JackPedigo I have also seem some truly inspiring things happening in my community to join in and support each other through this crazy twilight zone episode we are living in. My hope is that we use this time to recognize that the true power lies in the people and their ability to mobilize for the greater good on an individual and community level, and perhaps we will begin to attribute to that reverence and high esteem.

The ig nobel prize actually requires high intelligence to win, combined with a heightened sense of the ridiculous. Its stated aim is "To honour achievements that first make people laugh, and then make them think."


When Science deniers and nitwits are put into office....this is the end result! All mankind will suffer for the stupidity of US voters electing Trump and his administration.

I have to point out, as the only saving grace left for saving face as an American (who most definitely did not vote for Trump), that he did not win the popular vote. He was not the 'people's choice', he was the choice of a corrupt and broken system. And yes, we are suffering from it in a very big way. I hope we find a way to change the trajectory ASAP. Another four years of his 'leadership' will do far more lasting damage than any global pandemic.

@Amzungu I realise the situation in which he was elected and how frustrating it must be for those of you who didn’t vote for him, and know the system was manipulated in his favour. I am not getting at all Americans when I state what I did, I would be equally scathing of my own government. In fact I am very critical of their handling of this coronavirus and when they say and do stupid Boris Johnston’s closest adviser and architect of government policy, travelling 250 miles with his young child when he was already displaying Covid symptoms to visit his parents during lockdown. He broke their own rules which are he should have gone into lockdown at his home in London. He should now be sacked if he doesn’t resign, but of course he won’t be.

@Marionville Oh, I took no offense at all, it truly is one of the only current ways of saving face by noting that the majority of us are not that dumb. Not so proud to be an American at the moment, and that bothers me in itself. I have a good friend that lives in the UK and a constant question from him is "How in the bloody hell did he become president when 3 million more people voted for the other guy?" Your intelligence is clear from your posting, but I was unsure of how well you understood the often in-congruent intricacies of our political system. We also have had many amusing conversations about the similarities in the leadership styles of Trump and Boris. Wacky world we are currently living in. May logic and reason reign sooner than later.

@Amzungu It looks like all we have to console ourselves is that we are sympathetic to each other’s pain!

@Marionville Summed up nicely, yes!

@Marionville Too many people, Cummins being one, believe that as lawmakers they are above the need to obey their laws.


Scientists should start dominating the media and politics. However, INTJ's can be exclusive and a little edgy. Maybe we should challenge them. How could they resist?


Unbelievable. But sadly, believable.

skado Level 8 May 22, 2020

Well said.

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