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Religion vs God

I can't stand people who say "I don't believe in religion, I only believe in God" ugggh lol Like can you not ? ??? So rate how much this annoys you lol

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Cosmicowl_73 7 Apr 4

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God is a feeling, or many different feelings. religion is a book of rules written by men with the thought that god is a man and women are dogs


God absent religion is technically possible but I tend to regard iconoclastic or areligious theists as a "religion of one" and more often they substantially share their beliefs with countless others and either don't know it or more likely just fancy their thinking to be way more original than it actually is. There is, after all, nothing new under the sun -- that's one of the few things in the Bible that's actually correct!

So "spiritual but not religious" is just a bullshit claim to try to distance oneself from the obvious problems and logical cunundrums of organized religion, on the specious theory that DISorganized religion somehow avoids the problems of organized religion. It does not. Theism is fundamentally an epistomological problem, not an organizational one.


Them having misguided beiefs and bad comprehension problems does not get me upset much. I am old enough to not let people get me upset, or push my buttons, with mere words. I choose my own feelings, and giving power to others to make me sad or angry or upset with words is something I grew out of back in my early 20's.


The question marks were supposed to be emojis lol

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