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I truly don't understand the religious. Just read a fb post from high school friend. Said her daughter in law needed a new kidney and her son was scheduled to be the donor. Not a perfect match but ok. Then a "miracle" happens, and a perfect match kidney from an organ donor shows up. Son doesn't need surgery, better match....Isn't god amazing. He always comes through somehow. What about that person who died in order to donate the organ? What about all the people who wouldn't be able to afford to have that surgery?What about the hundreds of thousands of people who have died from the virus? But as long as god can take care of you and yours, that's what counts.

NHjulie 8 July 3

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Exactly. Anything good happens to you. Thank God! Who cares about those who suffer around you. You are the special one.


Christianity is a me centric faith, ( my salvation, my relationship with god, what Jesus can do for me etc. ) it does not even have the social/political content of Judaism or the submission to legal structure of Islam. Therefore it attracts people with a me centric view.

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