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Thursday, ‎July ‎9, ‎2020

the Nature of our - Being Self Soul Spirit -

We R - as ALL is - ENERGY - being - forms of LIFE -
I AM & U R - that which is - LIFE - being - human -
U R & I AM - Souls of LOVE - being a - form of Life -
ENERGY - is ALL things & No thing - being EVERY thing -

U R - GOD - as - ENERGY - in - LIFE -
LIFE is LOVE - as - GOD - being - U & I -
such is the - Divine Nature - of - Our Being -
for in Truth - We R as GOD IS - Eternal & Divine -
Souls of LOVE - Spirits of ENERGY - Beings of LIFE -

We R - Individuations of - GOD -
as such - am - I - GOD - being -
as such - R U - being - GOD -

now replace the - word term label - GOD -
in the above paragraph with the words - LIFE -
then LOVE - and then lastly - ENERGY -

We R - that which - IS - being - a Life form -
We R - Energy - being a - human - form of Life -
We R - Souls of LOVE - being a Person - thru a human -

We R - Souls of LOVE - Spirits of ENERGY-
Eternal - Beings of LIFE - Divinely being -
the Person that U have so - Chosen to BE -

Know - thine Essence & ye shall - Know GOD -
Realize that - GOD is LOVE - as - ENERGY in LIFE -
be Aware of Ones Self as a - Divine Being - Eternally being -

now make use of - that which - U KNOW to BE - TRUE for U -
to create - manifest & demonstrate - Who U have so chosen -
to express Ones Self - AS - while U R being - a form of LIFE -

refute dispute & deny that which ye R able -
examine - analyze - consider - contemplate -
that which is - TRUE for U - then apply it -

Namaste - that which - IS - GOD being -
All things & No thing - as - EVERY thing -

is it not True for U - that the - Person - that - U R currently -
expressing - Ones - Self - AS - is in fact and deed - the result of -
consequence of - outcome of - YOUR - personal - decisions -
determinations & conclusions & thus - YOUR - Choices -

there-fore Choose Wisely - Who U choose to Personify in LIFE -
yet - Always BE - that which pleases U - to so experience -
Ones Self - AS - while - being a sublunary - form of LIFE -

Love Often in Life
and U will Be Happy


KWAPELL7 6 July 16

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Hi, I am sure you remember me, of course, you do. I have just finished reading your post, I found it interesting and somewhat subjective. The problem that I am having is with the words soul, spirit, I am not even sure they are of substance, in that I mean there isn't any empirical evidence that either one of them exists aside from a personal belief or a personal experience. I suppose that would be a matter of interpretation of the individual reading them, which brings us back to being subjective. This whole matter reminds me of my studies of Hermetics of so many years ago. Your post has sparked something in me to find answers. Something that I haven't felt in years.

You say, " that I mean there isn't any empirical evidence that either one of them exists..." refering to soul and spirit.

If you looked up definition of soul and personality I think you would find them rather synonymous.

Soul I think being an elder word that could easily be traded with personality in most context. I understand, as you might find, has apart of soul's definition, and/or with connotations, that the soul of an individual is considered immortal.

If we discussed in terms of personality, each person has a unique individual personality that we might not say is immortal and lives for ever, but in simular context we might could reasonably say that no other personality would ever be exactly like anyone else ever.

So It seems to me that if you have empirical evidence for personality then you have empirical evidence for everything about the fact of a soul existing, just not evidenced to last for ever in immortality.

As to spirit, consider the use of spirit in sports terms like people have "team spirit ". Spirit in a person could easily be replaced with the word motivation. If a person has motivation they have something in their thoughts that gives them the force or power to do things. The connection of Soul and spirit as well as personality and motivation could be discussed in simular ways.

I do not think there is a lacking for empirical evidence of soul and spirit but rather a lacking of an understanding as to what they are.

@Word I understand where you're coming from, so, can it be also said that the soul is related to consciousness, self-awareness, and spirit related to the bioelectrical energy that keeps us alive?
This would be more empirical evidence of their existence and the words themselves are just a matter of self-interpretation which are of course subjective to the individual.
However, as to the matter of either being immortal and carries on after the death of the body remains to be seen and would require more of an empirical investigation.

Thank U - most sincerely - for taking the time and as many have attested - the effort - to read the entire post - and for responding & critiquing in such gracious manner -

I can appreciate your apprehension in such distinction between - Soul & Spirit -
IMHO - both U and Word: - have percieved - analyze & concluded - correctly -
regarding such definitions and differentiation -

as to empirical evidence - of such - Aspects of Ones Self -
to Me - there is No better such - evidence - than that -
which One is - Personally - able to - experience -
& thus Know - it to be - True - experientially -

as such look within to find that which is - TRUE for U -
for it is in Ones own LIFE experiences that- One "feels" -
recognizes & acknowledges such Aspects of - Ones Self -

for - ALL humans - have "felt" an - Emotion -
and LOVE is such ENERGY in motion - in as thru -
Beings of LIFE - such as - Ones Self -

will U as a - Person - that has experienced such - Emotion -
allow another to determine the "reality" of - Your - experience -
or will Your TRUTH as U have thus experienced it - Be Your Truth -
for me and most other humans the latter is the Truth - of My reality -

thus R U & I - able to - percieve - cognize - realize - Ones Soul -
thus R we able to - distinguish & differentiate our - Divine Spirit -

so it is that We R able to - Feel & Know -
that which cannot be - seen nor measured -
thus is the Nature of your - Eternal & Divine -
Essence of LOVE - as a - Being Soul Self Spirit -

Namaste my friend - may LIFE find your - Heart & Mind -
Happy & at Peace - in the - realization & creation of - Who U R -

and Thank U for re-engaging in such an Insightfull manner -

@Word - that was & IS - a Beautifull & Brilliant - expression of - Wisdom -

Thank U for sharing such - Insight & Awareness -

MrDragon - "I understand where you're coming from, so, can it be also said that the soul is related to consciousness, self-awareness, and spirit related to the bioelectrical energy that keeps us alive? "

Yes - that is exactly it -
U R - a - Spirit of ENERGY -
inhabiting - animating - direct & controlling -
a physical - biologic - human - animal - body -
a Creature composed of - {matter mass liquid & } -

a Being of ENERGY - being a - form of LIFE -
so it is that - U R & I AM - Divinely being human -

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