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Karens seem to have de-evolved, they remind me of apes throwing shit.


The stereotypical name associated with rude, obnoxious and insufferable middle aged white women.

Karens take everything wrong with the typical over entitled western woman and crank it up by several thousand percent. They are a mutated subspecies that descends from the Soccer Mom, and have many of their traits. Such as a short temper, a crown bowl haircut, an unnecessarily large SUV to take her kids to soccer practice and be a menace on the road, etc etc. But Karens have developed their own unique characteristics /antics as well. Including but not limited to;

-Reveling in making the life or retail workers a living hell by constantly making a scene over nothing and demanding to "speak to the manager" (a near universal battle cry among Karens).
-Threatening to sue someone for a minor misdemeanor they may or may not have committed and may or may not have even involved Karen at all.
-Treating the drive thru line like the set of a Mad Max film by cutting in line and honking at anyone who tries to get in. Even willing dent other people's cars to save 45 seconds in getting her $1 muffin. (Karens in this situation may or may not ask to speak to the drive thru worker's manager and / or threaten to sue the drivers of the car she just rammed.)
-Being a part of the anti-vax crowd and relying on Essential Oils for the health of their children because of a Facebook post she saw.
-Reading erotica that makes 50 shades of grey look like Hamlet by comparison in public.
And Many Others.

Cahsier: Okay Ma'm, that'll be 27.75. Will you be paying with Cash or Card?
Karen: Uhm, that was incredibly rude! I'd like to speak with your manger.
Cashier:.....For what?...
Karen: HOW FUCKING DARE YOU SPEAK TO ME THAT WAY! Karen's scream is loud enough to shatter eardrums, including that of the unvaccinated son standing right next to her I WILL SUE YOU INTO OBLIVION! YOU'LL NEVER FUCKING DISRESPECT ME LIKE THAT AGAIN! begins throwing nearby objects at the Cashier in a fit of rage. The Cashier takes cover behind the counter as he fears for his safety
Innocent Bystander: Oh my god, someone call the police!
Innocent bystander #2: She's talking about you, you fuckin' pyscho!
Karen: YOU MOTHER FUCKER! YOU'RE ALL HORRIBLE PEOPLE! YOU'RE ALL GOING TO BURN IN HELL FOR THE WAY YOU TREAT ME! *Karen then drags her 3 1/2 year old unvaccinated son out the store before security / police arrive. She's identified on the security footage and is arrested a few days later. Karen cries on the stand when she's in court while claiming she didn't do anything wrong. Karen is sent to jail. The people rejoice.


nogod4me 8 July 25

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The chimp is throwing shit because he knows it'll get a response from the crowd. We do all the wrong things when we look at primates....stare into their eyes, make lots of noise, wave our hands around, show them our teeth...all the stuff they do to intimidate one another. He should be understood and forgiven for his display.

Now...about those "Karens"......their motives are far less admirable.


Karens cannot be happy unless they are making other people extremely upset.


I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!




@nogod4me that too. the one that gets me is the "entitled". I think that I was just saying when you throw in the menopause.....

@jorj I wonder how often the Kens of the world are living with them....hmmm.

@jorj I bet there are plenty of couples like that. or they used to be but now they just don't talk anymore. they ain't got the energy nor the Care. that would be miserable though.

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