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Trump's mercenary armies:

From Stonekettle Station's Jim Wright

In a phone interview with Fox News on Thursday, Donald Trump said that he's willing to send up to 75,000 federal agents into American cities to quell violent crime.

According to CNN:

Trump began by saying he was ready to dispatch "50,000, 60,000 people" into American cities. But eventually he upped the figure to 75,000 -- but said it would require local authorities asking for help.

"We have to be invited in. At some point we'll have to do something much stronger than being invited in," Trump said. "We'll go into all of the cities, any of the cities. We're ready."

75,000 Federal Agents.


Seventy-Five THOUSAND federal agents. And what? They're just sitting around right now? What agency has that kind of reserve?

Where the hell would Trump get 75,000 troops?

Naturally my Twitter feed is now full of people going full Jade Helm over Erik Prince and Russians.

I don't know who's more bugshit at this point.

Erik Prince sold off his interests in Academi (formerly Blackwater) a few years back. But even if he hadn't, no private security firm could field 7500 mercenaries on their best day, let alone ten times that number.

And Russians?

75,000 troops is FIVE US Army infantry divisions. Do you even understand what it would take to support that? Command and Control, communications, equipment, transport, food, medical, etc? The logistics alone are ridiculous. You know how many transport planes that is? Or ships? And literally hundreds of Russian military transports are landing at some American airport and nobody noticed? And what? Vladimir Putin is going hand over control of his military forces to ... Trump? Come ON.


Homeland Security doesn't have many extra bodies sitting around, even if you scraped up all the flabby prison guard reserves and CBT abandoned the border entirely.

Space Force is like one guy right now. So it can't be them.

And the rest of the Pentagon is busy elsewhere and even if you called up the reserves the TOTAL number of National Guard is about 8 divisions and a lot of those guys are currently doing COVID testing around the country and filling sandbags on the Gulf Coast as Hanna barrels down on us.


He can't hire that many people. Not without major legislation. 75,000 security agents? You have any idea what that would COST? That's like TSA's entire budget. You're not doing that out of the White House Hookers and Blow slush fund.


Why, it's almost like Trump is just pulling wildly exaggerated numbers out his ass like some 3rd World dictator.

Allamanda 8 July 26

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"'s almost...". It is exactly.

@Allamanda I know but I try to highlight or bring 'attention' to certain words that are worthy of sarcasm.


He's just Bragging. Has to have the Highest number EVER. Never been done before. He's like a child boasting. What an asshole


They're piecing together units of, what do you call them - little green men ? The Germans did that effectively during WWII from shattered units, which allowed them to hold out longer. I think Trump and Barr are dangling these scratch units in front of the protesters, hoping they can provoke an excuse to call in the regular army. That would bring him closer to Martial Law. I'm not so sure, as the situation stands now, that the military will support him.

TO_BY Level 7 July 26, 2020

By law, which Trump regularly ignores. these troops could not come out of the regular active military ranks according to Posse Commitatis laws.

But Trump has demonstrated how toothless American law is. It takes mutual consent on the part of the majority citizens to agree to accept the rule of law. But. Trump has demonstrated that when one determined individual with a minority, but influentially placed role (Republican Senators), can simply choose to disregard laws and conventional rules. And the majority of citizens who have no power to immediately affect change or implementation of those laws, are unable to thwart these actions. Thus making laws irrelevant.

t1nick Level 8 July 26, 2020

Like the old slogan goes: "No Justice, just us.


"Why, it's almost like Trump is just pulling wildly exaggerated numbers out his ass like some 3rd World dictator."

That's pretty much what he has historically done with everything he has ever spoke about. I doubt this is any different.


Trump's Little Green Pigs are nothing more than prison screws, and border guards, dressed to look militaristic and ' frightening'.
They are meant to look 'intimidating'.
They are also way overpaid, drawing two paychecks--one from DHS, and one from FBP, ICE, or whatever agency they are drawn from.
Which is why Trumpy can't afford to create very many of them . But Trumpy likes to overexaggerate the numbers, in the hopes that his threats will stifle dissent.


Read Business Plot in Wikipedia about an early 1930s attempt by a few wealthy people to take over the government.

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