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Please enjoy & despite references to xsanity be inspired by the lyrics.

Canción de la Esperanza performed by Esteban Gumucio/Ortiga 1976

Creo que detrás de la bruma el sol espera
Creo que en esta noche oscura duermen estrellas
Creo en los ocultos volcanes sin ver sus fuegos
Creo que esta nave perdida llega a su puerto
No me robaran la esperanza, no me la romperán
Vengan a cantarla conmigo, vengan a cantar
Creo en el hombre razonable y no en la fuerza
Pienso que la paz es simiente bajo la tierra
Creo en la nobleza del hombre de Dios imagen
Y en la voluntad de los hombres que se levantan
No me robaran la esperanza, no me la romperán
El árbol que lo han herido pronto renacerá

I think that behind the mist the sun waits
I think in this dark night stars sleep
I believe in the hidden volcanoes without seeing their fires
I think this lost ship reaches its port
They won't steal my hope, they won't break it
Come sing it with me, come sing
I believe in the reasonable man and not in the force
I think peace is seed under the ground
I believe in the nobility of the man of God image
And in the will of men who rise
They won't steal my hope, they won't break it
The tree that wounded him will soon be reborn

FrayedBear 9 July 29

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Great Song. Part of the "Cancion Social" movement of the time of which Victor Jara was part.

I very much enjoy the murdered Victor Jara.

@FrayedBear Please join our Progressives etc. group and post some revo. songs for us...

@Krish55 It appears joining is not necessary to post. Besides which I do not like the title. IMO "All lives Matter". I wonder how many women members of the group believe that having done the deed of their own free volition they believe they have the right to murder the baby now growing in their womb by aborting it?

@FrayedBear You are hiding from the issue. It's precisely that because certain of the "all lives" don't matter that we have to specifically name the ones that don't. Can you detach enough from your white privilege to see that?

@Krish55 What part of Professor Cipolla's 5 Basic Laws of Human Stupidity do you not understand?


@Krish55 Discriminating against anyone to supposedly redress discrimination against another is not advancing the status or benefit of everyone. It is therefore stupidity produced by stupid or thieving people.

@Krish55 By the way "which part of the Ruandan genocidal massacre did you see committed by white people?"

@FrayedBear Pointing out White Privilege is discrimination?

@FrayedBear Which of these pickups were you driving?

@Krish55 try getting out of the rut that you are in.

@FrayedBear If it's a rut, it not a racist one...That's a good poster you just placed! A more relevant post that your Red Herring comments about Cipolla, Rwanda, and ruts.

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