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LINK If Biden Gets Mail-In Vote Advantage, Majority of Trump Voters Say They Won't Accept His Win: Poll

Hillary supporters accepted Trump's win. So, I guess Trump supporters are a lot more whiny than they portray democrats to be.

snytiger6 9 Aug 1

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Oh really?
Gore accepted Bush's bogus win, didn't he?
Oh excuse me, that was back when politicians like Al had some class and a deep, abiding respect for the orderly transfer of power


"Hillary supporters accepted Trump's win."

I think we can take this crowd. They seem pretty high maintenance.


Well piss on them.


Why would anyone care if they accept it or not. A result is a result surely?

Acceptance means they can get more done.


It really doesn't matter what they accept. They didn't accept Obama as their President, but I believe he was our President for eight years. Most of them have yet to figure out it doesn't matter who the President is, their lives still suck and they are still stupid.


The majority of Drumpf voters are still an annoying minority of kkkarens, kkkens, and the walking dead.

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