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LINK Fox’s whitewash of Trump's QAnon endorsement helps explain how it happened in the first place | Media Matters for America

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President Donald Trump’s Wednesday endorsement of the deranged and dangerous QAnon movement as people who “love this country” thrilled its supporters while horrifying observers, who pointed out that his validation of an extremist ideology linked to violent acts would swell its ranks. But during his first interview following those remarks on Thursday night, the president faced no questions about his praise for unhinged pro-Trump conspiracy theorists who claim that he is on the verge of unraveling a global pedophile ring of Satan-worshipping Democrats and celebrities. As Fox News host Sean Hannity provided the president with his typical mix of sycophancy and softballs over the course of the half-hour phoner, Trump’s embrace of QAnon never came up.

snytiger6 9 Aug 23

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Totally disgusting circle jerkS!


Sean Hannity is an unbelievable shill for Trump. In fact he instructs and guides the president. This guy has more power than you think.

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