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what do you think people?

Basem 6 Aug 24

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i find slovaj zizek's philosophy very true regarding who we are and what is our position in life. the problem however, is that people refuse to take the truth as it is. they always want the twist around so they accept part of the truth and not the whole truth

Basem Level 6 Aug 25, 2020

Yesterday I was happy unaware of my cage
Today I can see the bars
And I am no longer happy
I am angry.

Graham Masterton
"Ikon" (1983)


Must agree there. Unless you are a part of the elite you are fucked. You don’t have to ponder it, just check thousands of years of evidence.

Look up Wallerstein’s World Systems Theory and compare core states with periphery states. Evidence enough!


A few years ago I would have despised this sentiment, but between 2016 and now my attitude has changed and yes, I can see where this guy is coming from.

"You're born, you keep your head down, then you die, if you're lucky!"
Edward Elizabeth Hitler 1991


I disagree. The oldest and most noble purpose of philosophy is to teach you how to acheive eudaimonia, how to live a good life (whatever this may mean to you in particular).
It would be cruel just to tell people You are living in deep shit and then turning away withoiut giving them some hint how to get out of this shit.
This guy Zizek is a clown, not a serious philosopher. I have never heard or read an interesting idea from him.

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