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It's all for the money 💰?

Great angst being expressed in Victoria over C19 deaths in Greek Orthodox Church aged care facility death rate. The institution has had $13 million government funding and so the church charges in orde yo steal their dhare. The latest to surface is the exhorbitant rent charged by the church.


FrayedBear 9 Aug 26

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Probably. It's so sad isn't it?

Human greed & corruption.


Churches like wealth and the power of control


The LDS (Mormons) had the best excuse when they were caught doing this
"It's not our money it God's money, and after the second coming we will give it all back to Jesus to do with as he will, in the mean time we are just looking after it for him."

A variant on throwing the collection plate money in the air saying "what god wants stays up what he doesnt want comes back to me".

Like money will have any value in their mythical world

Where does Jeebus shop,and what will he be buying? So so many questions here. They sure have a problem thinking things through.

@Happycanuck Not really, the LDS are primarily a business concern that uses religious status as a tax dodge, if their followers will swallow all the Kolob shit, the ancient submarine journey to the new world and the interminable shit that came out of the mouth of Joseph Smith, asking them about opening a deposit/savings account for Jesus' return visit is a doddle.


All this money being raked in by the church from another govt funded institution and still not liable for tax!!!

3 laundering done by typical corrupt organizations.

Laundering or corrupt conversion of tax money for church spending?

@FrayedBear do you see a difference?

@Mofo1953 yes. Laundering I understand to be making criminal proceeds legal. Corrupt conversion is theft of legal money.

@FrayedBear you understand wrongly as always.

@Mofo1953 couldnt give a brass razoo Mofo. If it upsets you Mofo don't respond. You simply make me laugh.

@FrayedBear ditto. And let me remind you my obsessed ridiculous follower, that it was YOU who decided to comment with such a risible and dim witted bray.

@Mofo1953 go & take your medication you ridiculous person. While you are waiting for them to take effect relax with the following:

Gaslight Pro




I would have preferred the lyrics to be gender neutral and I should point out that the lyrics given in the video are erroneous - it is "Pro" not road - a wonderful gaslight? 😱😀

@FrayedBear truth hurts, right? not even watching your crap so fuck off and stop with your obsession with my post you idiot, better yet block me if you are such a cry baby bitch

@Mofo1953 There you go, now claiming that you made the post. Ducky you made a reply to my post. I politely (something that you don't know the meaning of ) responded to your reply.
Like I say "go & take your medication, you ridiculous man". 😀

@FrayedBear i meant my posts, never said I posted this crap, i politely replied too until you revisited with the ridiculous aussie lingo brass razoo, if you care to revisit, but seems like your obsession makes you blind to your pathetic idiocy. No medication here by the way, seems like you're obsessed with that too. Projecting?




Not surprised


Care facilities are historically challenged at providing honest, compassionate care at honest fee-for-service rates. Being hit with pandemic circumstances has amped up every aspect of that environment with limited supplies, staff has left, bills unpaid, and just a massive cluster.


it is all about the money in most churches

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