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Why has it taken this long for someone to be honest?

Granny loves sex. Who can deny her?


FrayedBear 9 Aug 30

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Because mainly, ‘the scene’ is still more like this:
Every now and then an escort that is happy with their choice writes a book or does an interview glamourising their experiences.

Most women that I’ve met that have worked in the sex industry end up hating men, or have experienced at least several violent assaults. Self harm, mental health issues and addiction seem common place, the lack of regulation and safe brothels lends itself to women being in unsafe situations. But I’m hardly an expert; just have seen healthy young women get scarred by the experience, often literally 🙁


That gets me thinking, when I need some cash.......................

Why not just for pleasure & health?

@FrayedBear why stop at pleasure and health. May as well do something positive about the bank balance too.

@Jolanta Not everything has monetary value & priceless usually means that it is beyond squalid money.


Who really cares anymore, so long as they are safe from assault and practice safe sex.


Stupid puritanical laws in the US keep this illegal.

You mean that you still cannot access it? 😱☹️

@FrayedBear Personally, I'm married, so rarely 🤣 The point I was trying to make is that it's none of the government's business what Granny does with her Vajayjay or with whom or for how much.

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