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Over 60 dating? - a response to an ignorant man.

A thought provoking letter about what is real -


FrayedBear 9 Sep 3

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As usual, it's always the man's fault.

Did you even read the piece?


As usual , in any sweeping commentary , this applies to some, but not to others. There are closed, and open minds in every category of human.

Find the mind that fits YOURS, and avoid the ones that don't. The end.


...gotta ask.. Would even an ‘ignorant man’ post the same thing three times 😉

Varn Level 8 Sep 4, 2020

Have a read of my response to Bingst.

@FrayedBear I belong to one ‘inactive group’ here, only participate on the ‘general forum,’ so don’t know why the post has shown up repeatedly. If that had happened to one of mine, I’d have deleted the excess..

@Varn I try to if I now about them. I have a suspicion part of the problem is your recent change to how there is now longer equality of service to users.
Why don't you keep your legislators under control. Go and have a chat with the infamous Pai who wants 1st, 2nd and 3rd passenger gouging on the net!


They can make reactions more like facebook, but they can't keep duplicate posts from showing up? Do you think all the times you posted this was enough? 😛

When are you going to realise that groups have different members and result in different comments. The choice is up to you as to whether you revisit the post in an alternative group.
I suggest that as I didn't post it more often than I did states that I had made sufficient copies. If you think of other suitable groups please feel free to use the share facility ,- something fbuk encourages.

@FrayedBear All 6 of them are in the general discussion, in the same category. That is 5 duplicates. I'm not slamming you at all. Something like this should not happen. The site should prevent it, automatically.

@bingst I only posted it three times last time I looked on my profile. I see multiples on love & relationships - presumably a transmission / programming problem. I've deleted three.
Thank you for the advice.


She did the right thing.
I expect if she had told him she did not date men over sixty because they are boring and floppy, he would have been pretty pissed off too.

Sauce for the goose!👍

Hey wait a minute! I represent that remark! However, honesty, even if it hurts is better than political correctness if you are truly looking for companionship!

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