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Upon reading Leanda De Lisle's book about the sisters who would be Queen, I felt sorry for Lady Jane Grey as a teenager being used by her father and other powerful protestant men who forced her to be queen against her will and her own complicity in her execution by insisting on the correctness of her interpretation of god's will and putting it right in the face of Mary Tudor, a committed Catholic who could have pardoned Jane. Of course, the catholic power behind Mary wanted Jane dead so she could not be a threat to their catholic tribe side, which is similar to why Mary, Queen of Scots, a catholic, was beheaded by the protestant tribe supporting Elizabeth. Jane believed in faith rather than works as the priority for god's grace. She did believe that the belief in communion, the body and blood of jesus was a delusion. She was strong willed and very intelligent, thought of as being more learned than even the impressive Elizabeth. Was reputed to be able to debate in classical Greek and Latin. Upon believing she was indeed to be executed, she wrote letters and documents stating why her protestant faith was the true faith and why.

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I like history,I read another book about her about a year ago,it was not this one,I had found the book on Libby.I think she had a legitimate claim and when I read about this as a young atheist it just used to make me laugh that they all believe their delusion are the real one.
Being French Canadian I have always been anti-monarchy and want god out of our anthem and the Queen off our money,but still enjoy these ''game of thrones''.
When I was a kid there was a donut shop near our home called Lady Jane's doughnuts and my dad refused to go there because she was a Protestant We would just laugh at him.Another thing he would do is not let us use a fork ''upside down'' because that was an English thing.To this day I use a fork ''right'' side
I am happy to say that my whole extended family are now all atheists or Agnostics even my father lost all religion about 25 years ago long before Alzeimer's set in.


I would have let them kill each other, who the fuck cares anyway of something that happened so long ago, can't be changed, but I say we all could always do without fanatic brainwashed assholes.


Meanwhile this is still being fought in Northern Ireland. They're have been killing each other in Britain over a fairy tale. A virgin who if she ever existed got knocked up her son who never walked the earth either.

Part of my motivation to post this was exactly that point. This was mid 16th century and here we are with humans still believing and killing each other over their own insane delusions. I have a first cousin, who is a rethug and he once told me he was/is a scientist and only deals in facts, and yet he is a catholic. I have watched him take communion and cross himself. I still wonder. Exactly what facts does he deal with?

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