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How disgusting is this?

Australian Prime Minister's supposed xtian mate benefits from $43million of taxpayer funds. There are long standing accusation of fraudulent conversion of 's intended for First Nations People.


FrayedBear 9 Sep 5

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How about Tony Abbot getting a plum government job in England?

His thievery hasn't been proven, just corrupt thought coming from a papist education.

Oh, I think that there was some accusations of corruption on behalf of his daughter.

@FrayedBear Corrupt, papist thoughts about his daughter?

@FrayedBear He certainly built up a large following - of anti-Abbots!

@Petter yeah I forget the detail now but from memory she got a bursary or something for further education because of his position.

@Petter aka, the pope, the mad monk, rabbit, budgie smuggler and priest.

@Petter anti Abbott's - as many in the Liberals as the Labor party.


That stinks

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