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I posted this on FB almost the exact same thing: The house has impeached his ass, the senators haven't done a thing. I wrote to R senators demanding they finish the impeachment process because this is a egomaniac who pissed on our allies and befriended dictators ie: our enemies. He is now about to take the US out of NATO. There is no mistake he hasn't yet made. Contact R senators and DEMAND they IMPEACH this pos who is seen kissing his daughter on the lips, he has 25 sexual misconduct cases against him=OUR PRESIDENT!!!!
Just go down the list and demand the power stripping of the teen rapist .[]


As far as I'm concerned Trump is Pond Scum


To me this underscores the main problem with Trump. We can disagree on policies, and priorities, and how best to do things. And those things really matter. But when you're trying to deal with a man who routinely and blatantly lies, it undercuts everything. Whatever else the president should be, the president should be worthy of trust. Trump cannot be trusted.

Trump isn't a man..

Had he practiced any modicum of the verbal restraint that the office demands, this might have been avoided. He might not be able to shake the damage this time.


Of course he vehemently denied this. At the same time he denied calling McCain a loser. YouTube of that. So he's lying about McCain. Is he lying and telling the truth in the same breath?

He denies everything when the people don't like what he says or does..

It wasn't me..

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