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Another of America's Crimes against humanity?

Remembering a great Chilean singer on the 50th anniversary of the election of Allende & his party in Chile.

See also "On 04 September 1970 a momentous event occurred in Chile when Salvador Allende & his party won the ..."

FrayedBear 9 Sep 6

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Most of the west was complicit in the horrors of chile
Prime Bitch Margaret Thatcher gave safe Haven to Pinochet and described him as a “good and brave and honourable" keeping the bastard supplied with finest scotch whiskey during his exile in the UK at the tax payers expense and had paid British doctors declare him to be unfit to stand trial on the spurious grounds of dementia. A diagnosis later described as wrong after Thatcher and Bush snr failed to have the House of Lords tow the party line and block his extradition much to the very public disdain of Thatcher and Bush.

Fifty years on and right wing leaders in the west are still admiring and propping up the Dictators they wish they could be, all over the world.

I remember theCenturion tanks and aircraft sales. The latter possibly why a school year member later got an early retirement & MBE.

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