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LINK Trump Urges Supporters to Harass Steve Jobs’ Widow Because She Owns The Atlantic

The Atlantic got the story right. Even Fox News confirmed the rep[orts that Trump called soldiers who died in service the the country "suckers" and "losers".

Trump is retaliating against honest reporting.

snytiger6 9 Sep 7

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Charming as ever.......


When will this end?


Nothing he does or says surprises me. What surprises me is the number of followers he still has.

In Cohen's new book it says Trump disparages Evangelicals and calls their prayers "bullshit"., soi hopefuylly they7 will not support him as strongly as they did in 2016.


If Trump believes in hell he should run for their president, he will be perfects for the job. He is great for lying and stealing and probably murdering; as he shall be Entering those fires one day.

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