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The ambush ot the two LA police officers was a vile act, and should not be seen in any other capacity. But the right wing reacts by name calling and throwing out racial slurs and invictives.

Not once do they ask the question of "How and Why did this animosity become so intense as to preciptate this action. Republicans never ask "why?" Instead they take the outward action or expression, ignore the historical and social context (Republicans hate context), and pervert and blow it out of proportions. They assign demeaning and hateful rationalities as though there is no pretext leading up to the event.

Trump did not invent this race problem that we are seeing now. White privilge did. He only exacerbated the situation. He gave explicit permission to his minions to act on their most base racism. The president sets the tone for the country. If blatant racism and brutality is the tone today. We have only one person to thank, DJT.

t1nick 8 Sep 15

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This shooting could very well have nothing to do with racial tensions or political leanings. The LA Sheriffs office seems to have its own problems with corruption and internal gangs within the department.

True in hypothesis, but the fact that agitators are willing to follow them to the hospital and shout "let them die" and "f**k police" is indicative a deeper underlying social tension. Its hard to deny the existence unless one completely denies or ignores the data.

@t1nick I won't argue that there isn't an underlying social tension. My point of contention is with how people are describing the "protestors" outside the hospital. It looks like the LAPD is lying again. The only video that seems to be out there of this is from reporter Josie Huang who was illegally arrested that night. The video shows like maybe 6 or so people and only one person looks to have said "let them die". There is another video out there of them violently tackling Josie Huang who had done nothing wrong. This came shortly after they had been arresting another individual. She can be heard screaming she is with KCPP.. The Sheriffs Office later claimed she never made it known who she was via a tweet. They aren't being honest about the situation. Unfortunately, the majority of the media just ran with it.


I heard that report as well. Of course the LAPD is lying to cover its ass. My contention is that underlying social discomfort and discontent have risen to the point that people feel it necessary to come out on the street and vocally express their discontent in such an ugly manner.


They used this tragedy to blame liberals at the direction of DONALD TRUMP

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