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Have words and numbers vanished from your posts?

It's infuriating. For the past six months, Agnostic. has had a "bug" that deletes words and numbers from my . Yesterday, words and numbers repeatedly vanished from another post:

  1. Numerical nineteen. Frustrated, I changed "When she was "" to "Years later."
  2. Word for my female progeny that starts with "d."

In this post, at least eleven words and numbers were deleted.

See what I mean?

Numbers and "" are a continual problem. In other , the "" vanished from "". "Old" was deleted from "cranky old lady." "Time," "" and "" were repeatedly deleted.

Now I have to spell out numbers.

Each time, I wrote to Agnostic. giving the link to the post and listing the deleted number and words. Their reply:

"I'm terribly sorry you are still experiencing this issue. This bug has been investigated over and over by the team, unfortunately we've yet to come up with a finding for a proper fix. While I understand your frustration, please understand that we are still actively investigating the issue. I sincerely apologize for the poor user experience, and thank you for your patience and understanding."

I love But because of this problem, I feel like giving up on writing .

LiterateHiker 9 Sep 20

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Now, I said I hadn't noticed this but what I have noticed this week is points disappearing....... grrrrr


No, a lot could be to do with the device you are using, to both post and view, the site always seems to work better on some devices especially desk tops than mobile devices. Why not, next time something disappears, message me, and I will look to see if I can see it on my device for you ?


Don't be silly. It's not my computer.

Read the replies to this post. Other people have had the same problem. @Miss Kathleen replied:

"Words have been disappearing since the beginning. In my profile and in posts."

@LiterateHiker Well it can be because they can be using the same system.


Read the posted reply I received from They acknowledged it's a bug in the system.

@LiterateHiker Right sorry, only trying to help.


I'll bet it's in their encoding logic, the algorithm that encodes the asterisks, dollar signs, and pound signs into italics, bold, and other type-styles. That's harder than most programmers realize.


certainly hope it gets cleared up for you ,have not noticed anything in mine yet


I had this problem a year ago. As far as I know mine was fixed without reporting it.


I’ve never noted that. But maybe I didn’t use those words in my profile


In this post, deleted four words, leaving empty quote marks.

  1. daughter

  2. 19

  3. 300

  4. charge


I noticed it in my profile for a while. But the bug appears to have been fixed, at least for me.


Have you notified

@LiterateHiker I had not. I just kept fixing it, and eventually I didn’t need to fix it anymore.


It happened in my profile about me section.

Word Level 8 Sep 20, 2020


Have you notified

@LiterateHiker have not notified, it only happened once to me that I have noticed,


I've never noticed this..... O.O

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