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Message Malfunctioning

Hey, has anyone ever had a problem when trying to send personal messages, where the message you sent seems to disappear and there's no evidence that it was sent once you leave your inbox?

LifelongLearner 6 Oct 2

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Yes. Sometimes I don't get a notification...


I had this problem previously, but only with lengthy messages. At someone's recommendation, I started sending in smaller bits and haven't had the problem since. I suspect there is an unstated character limit or some such glitch in the code. Good luck.

Thanks, I need it! It's totally putting a damper on my virtual social life!

There used to be a character countdown and it would cut off after that limit was reached, but I see that's gone now. The limit still exists, though, it's just that now the message disappears and doesn't send, so the user experience is much worse. I copy my message before sending it in case it's too long, then I send smaller increments as needed. I don't send many messages, though, so it isn't a terrible inconvenience for me — but I suspect some people find it rather frustrating.

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