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LINK Exclusive: Trump Interior Hire Cited White Supremacist, Called Black Lives Matter ‘Racist' | HuffPost

A new high-ranking Interior Department official is a prolific politics writer who has called the Black Lives Matter movement “racist,” defended accused killer Kyle Rittenhouse, dismissed white liberals as a “cult of ethnic sado-narcissism,” and uncritically cited a white supremacist in a 2018 Fox News op-ed.

The Trump administration tapped Jeremy Carl, a 47-year-old former senior fellow at the right-wing Claremont Institute in California, to serve as Interior’s deputy assistant secretary of fish, wildlife and parks earlier this month, HuffPost has learned. In that role, Carl will guide policy decisions at both the Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Park Service.

Reached by phone on Friday, Carl confirmed his new post but said he wasn’t “authorized” to talk about it. HuffPost independently verified that he had been given a government email address; the agency did not respond to multiple requests for comment on his job status.


Paul4747 8 Oct 24

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