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Why are words running out of text area?

Word 8 Oct 26

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I don't know, it has happened to me a few times on this sit, especially when doing copy and paste. You could try copy and paste into a text editor like first, as a intermediate stage. Worked for me.

I didn't make the post that has the messed up text. So it is a problem on the posting side not on my side of viewing?

@Word Yes I think that is the point. If you did not make it, you need to copy it first into your text editor and then copy again before posting into, that way it works like it was your making, and clears any formating not supported by agnostic .com.

@Fernapple did you click on link I provided in the above original post? If you click on that from your view does the words run out like I showed in picture? I do not understand how I am supposed to copy someone else's post into a text editor to fix what is their post looking messed up.

@Word If you copy it into a simple text editor, (use sellect all,) like notepad, it will dump all their messed up formating, and just make it plain text, then you can edit it as you like. Works for me.

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