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LINK Donald Trump Jr. says coronavirus deaths 'almost nothing’ on Fox News

In a Fox News interview Thursday, a day in which Johns Hopkins reported nearly 1,000 people died of COVID-19 and 90,000 people were newly infected, Donald Trump Jr. wrongly stated that the rate of COVID-19 deaths have declined to “almost nothing.”

snytiger6 9 Oct 31

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As of today; they are damn near nothing. That’s why CNN is pushing cases. They can’t push deaths, so they push cases.

Flu with media buzz.

1,000 deaths daily is "damn near nothing", you say.

Tell that to the dead peoples' families.

@Paul4747 what would you say to those died from the flu???,

@CourtJester You're a real master at trying to change the subject. I'm not taking the bait.

The subject is the 1,000 preventable deaths a day from covid-19, the virus that Trump downplayed from the beginning, lies about at his rallies, and has turned into a political issue instead of a public health issue.

@Paul4747 Not trying to change the subject. It’s a valid question.

What would you say to those that have died from the flu? Is that Trump’s fault too?

The entire world could stop Covid the exact same way that they stop the flu. They don’t and they can’t. To blame it on Boris Johnson, Justin Trudeau, Donald Trump, or any other individual is just pure lunacy. And if you do figure out how to stop an air born virus, you’ll be a millionaire many many many times over. You should probably get to work on that.

@CourtJester You do realize that in New Zealand, they quickly got the pandemic under control because they took immediate action to prevent the spread. Meanwhile as late as Feb. 28th, Trump was still calling it all "a democratic hoax".

The U.S. has had the highest infection rates and has experienced the highest nunbers of deaths, and Trump admitted he has played the pandemic down, which is why the U.S. has experienced the highest numbers.

India may exceed U.S. numbers sometime next year, but that is due to mass poverty, poor nutirition and high population density, which is the pandemic trifecta.

Let us not forget that Trump fired the U.S. pandemic response team in 2018. He said at the tiem he could always hire them back if needed, but he hasn't restored the pandemic response team. Not only that but has has discouraged the wearing of masks and social distancing, which prevents the spread of infection. So, yes, Trump is to blame for the highest rates of infections and the highest death tolls in the world.

And BTW, yes you were trying to change the subject.

Covid-19 is both more contagious and more deadly than the common flu. It is a new disease, and even ten months in we still don't know that much about it. Trump ignored medical professionals and experts and acted as if the new disease wasn't serious.

Infections rates have increased in most places where Trump hs had rallies, because masks and social distancing aren't required and his ralies have become super spreader events.

One more thing. 1000 deaths a day may be the current death rate, but scientists and experts, who Trump has completely ignored, have predicted that winter will bring a huge surge in infections, which is proving to be true right now, and this is only Fall.

@snytiger6 I’m sticking with the flu with media buzz.

@CourtJester If the flu had the same mortality rate as covid we would have 1,000,000 deaths per year from it. Trump persists in trivializing covid as no worse than the cold.

@CourtJester I guess you'll stick to what the right wing says no matter what the actual facts are.

@snytiger6 I'm sticking with what I see in the hospital each day.

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