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Never thought i would say i was watching Fox, but they have Biden winning, just 7 electoral votes to go, while MSNBC hasn't budged their count in 2 days.
So Fox is more cheery!

AnneWimsey 9 Nov 6

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Fox prematurely called Arizona for Biden. Other outlets think it's still too close to call and have Arizona still up for grabs. I don't like calling a state just to be the first to get it. Wait until there is evidence. Biden might win Arizona and he might not. I don't like early projections just to get the scoop. Fox is wrong in this case even if it makes you happy to think Biden won it. Let the voters decide. If Trump wins Arizona, so be it. It's called democracy even if Trump doesn't like it, he benefits from it.

@Diagoras I don't think they had any ulterior motive but to be first to call Arizona.

@Diagoras 2000 Florida was called for Gore. How did that work out? They should just wait.

The Associated Press also called Nevada for Biden. They base their calls on data—votes counted, and which counties the outstanding ballots are coming from. Every outlet uses the same methodology, the only Fox and the AP had confidence enough in their analysts to make the call. You are correct that it doesn’t mean Biden win, only that they believe he will.

@Bobbyzen Nevada still hasn't been called. We're talking about Arizona.

@barjoe That’s what I meant 🤓

Not saying anybody Is right/ correct, just IMO Faux be more cheerier right now, LOL!


Msnbc is turning in to the next fox


Yep! I’ve been watching Fox News just to see how they’re covering the election. They were the first to call Nevada for Biden and have faced threats and been disparaged by the Trump campaign and viewers alike, but have not backed down. However, I just heard on CNN that a memo has circulated to all on-air Fox News anchors, pundits, etc. that when Biden hits the 270 electoral vote threshold, they are NOT to refer to him as “President-Elect Biden”. The rationale is the multiple lawsuits challenging votes. The memo is from the Murdoch family. So much for integrity...

Well that's ridiculous. They are sore losers.

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