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Lets talk about christmas...Is it just me that sees no point to the christmas...never have seen a point to it ...So is it about the the Mythical virgin child or the mythical santa person who does not buy your presents, or the kid in a manger where 3 mythical wise men came to visit...I kinda get confused over which one fits in best...just me then...tell me the point of this day...If you want to buy your family presents do you need a special day to do so...

James121 7 Nov 11

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The point or purpose of xmas is to get kids to behave, hoping they will be rewarded.


We celebrate the fact that in the northern hemisphere, the shortest days are passed, and we can start to look for spring. That's the origin of it, anything else is smoke and mirrors.

Personally. I like to bring some real live evergreens into the house for decoration, greet friends, take a walk in the country and have a Scotch, (normally beer drinker).

can't you do all these things at any time you like...why wait for a certain day to do it..

@James121 Yes I can do all of those things any time, but I do it at Yule, to celebrate the return of the sun.


Bah humbug!

again the dickens syndrome....


There are two holidays I adore, Halloween and Christmas. Why? I think it’s the decorating. I’ll be alone this year, but I’m still decorating. I enjoy the tree and the lights. I love the lights. It’s not about the presents as it is about the congregating. This year will be much different with COVID.


Bah! Humbug!

dickens does not

@James121 Santa only gives expensive gifts to rich kids.

@barjoe and santa buys these expensive gifts does he...

@James121 Santa is almost as fictitious as Jesus

@barjoe but he does not buy your do...

@barjoe I give myself expensive gifts! Who deserves them more?!?

@AnneWimsey my parents used to put coal in my stocking and tell me I was bad.

@barjoe they were wrong

@AnneWimsey they saved a lot of money

@barjoe hugs!

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