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Scientists need to think like philosophers sometimes. When they say god, they ask themselves is there seemingly order in the universe or is it sheer chaos? Or, is a somewhere along the spectrum? There are unchangeable laws in the universe, but at the same time there’s chaos. Lets allow Lawrence Kraus to figure that out. Forget about that, the way I feel is that some people just have to put a label on a human feeling they have because they need to attribute that feeling to something outside of themselves because of the culture they live in or for whatever reason. Why must we always qualify a feeling with some kind of metaphysical origin? It doesn’t diminish the phenomenon of love, happiness or peace to just stop at your own brain. It becomes a problem when any person or group of people's interpretation of "god" is used as a means to cause suffering onto others, which most of the time is used as good, or neither good or bad. But when it's bad, it can be really bad. When we elect people that include religion in a secular society, that's bad. There's nothing wrong with the concept of religious thought. It's healthy if used in the right ways. Humans need some kind of structure and consistency in their lives. Routine. Something to strive for, a goal to seek. Religion can provide that, a certain ideology, or a disciplined work ethic in a specific field of study can also. We are searching for answers. We are searching for ourselves. We are searching for happiness. God doesn't need to be a tangible thing that keeps notes in the sky. When one finds true happiness, they have found themselves, they've found god. God is happiness. People need to stop getting caught up in the semantics of words, we have a vocabulary that includes the word god. So what? Point is, before you say you believe in god or you say you don’t believe in god, could you explain to me what you mean by god? I might like what you have to say. Do you sometimes envy those who say they believe in god? Do you sometimes wish you were blissfully ignorant of the happenings of the world and life in general with the hope that it would make you happier? Do you sometimes like a song and not want to know the lyrics or meaning of that song? If we knew the answer to the age-old philosophical question, “what is the meaning of life,” what in the hell would be the point of anything? I think it’s essential that we, as conscious beings of this small planet, to always maintain a curiousity about life and how it relates to the cosmos as a whole. We must seriously care about others as well as we can, while living as humbly as we can, while not taking ourselves too well as we can.

Jarucker 5 Nov 27

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What are you trying to say?

Basically, that it’s better to first have a discussion with someone that has attached a label on themselves like theist, atheist or religious or whatever, because as humans, we have a tendency to disassociate with someone if their label doesn’t match ours. Listen to their perspective. I’ve noticed that when I get into discussions with people and express my philosophy, a lot of people think I’m on the side of theists and others think I am vehemently an atheist. I think it’s important to have ambiguity. To me “god” means nothing and it means everything at the same time. Nothing in the sense that there’s no basis for even conducting an experiment if god exists, and everything, because we as conscience beings never seem to shut the fuck up about god. It’s probably the most prominent topic the world has ever talked about. So even though we will never prove “god” exists or doesn’t exist, and “god” doesn’t have a real objective meaning, the fact that we are even talking about it, kind of makes god real. To be clear, I don’t think there is an energy or force controlling how the universe works or something creating anything. I don’t believe in an afterlife. I just believe in human beings and materialism in general.

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