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Welcome Back America

dermot235 7 Nov 14

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...look what's happening here

Crazy times we're in.

25000 in the Crowd. Not 1 million like they claim. However it is worrying that 47% of the population voted for Trump despite what he did over the last 4 years. I will probably take 50 years to sort this one out. Demographic changes will be the saving of America with Whites becoming the Minority in the next 30 to 40 years. It is starting to look more and more like a race war.

@dermot235 all it took was for the Orange man to surface. Those who suppressed their racism had his permission now. He encouraged division and ugliness. It seems he's still revelling in all that is bad. He opened a can of worms and seems to be happy for all the sadness and hardships his utterances brought on.

@dermot235 He's sowing even more division on his way out. Lies, lies and more lies. The whole world is watching this. He's setting a very bad precedent for democracy and human rights. He's an evil, hateful, harmful, racist, vile, coward person.


He doesn't wish to see Americans unite. He fantasises about a blood bath ...because it has to be about HIM! I've never seen such wickedness in my life!


Significant slowing of the Doomsday Clock! And Chinese & Russian banks taking a bath.....too bad, so sad I am!

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