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Georgia Senatorial candidate Kelly Loeffler recently attacked her opponent by falsely claiming his association to a group which supported Fidal Castro in Cuba. Given Georgia's closeness to Florida where the largest group of displaced Cuban's reside, it isn't surprising.

Let me offer a different point of view over what our relationship to Cuba should be. Regardless what Fidel and his brother Raul did in the past, what is important are the Cuban people living on the island today. Fidel is dead, and Raul is malleable.

Cuba is stuck in the 1950's due to the economic sanctions and policies (rightly or wrongly -that is the subject of a different post) imposed on Cuba. The people of Cuba have been deprived of the most things the rest of the world takes for granted. Food shortages and rationing, a lack of modern conveniences, job shortages, etc.

Obama had it right. The best way to defeat Castro's socialistic policies is to give the people what they most desire. Open the island to the modern contrivances and material possesions they desire. The populace would do the rest. Once they taste the range of things that are available, the populace would make it impossible for the government to return them to socialism.

Having said all that, I do not think capitalism like that exists in our country (US) is necessarily the best answer for the people of Cuba. However, a loosening of the sanctions would greatly benefit the average citizen of the island. The resistent is primarily fueled by the group of Cuban business owners and their relatives which lost their businesses when Fidel Castro nationalized all businesses in the 1950's. There resentment is understandable.

Its also fueled by the last of us Boomers which have long memories and were part of the Cold War, in which Cuba played an important role. But my fellow Boomers, while having a long memory, also carry the the irrational fear of anything that smacks of Socialism. They are willing to hold a whole population hostage because they fear a word, "Socialism".

t1nick 8 Nov 15

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Fidel Castro? She had to go back 20+ years to find a blemish? Jeebus!

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