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Yesterday my ex related an incident that she had encounteted just the other day. Her neighbor, a real 1960-70's hippie, finally relented to wearing a mask in public. He happened to be downtown of her city. A group of unmasked millennials happened to cross his path. They looked at him wearing his mask and they called out deriding him as a "Boomer". It was meant as a derision and an insult.

Obviously millennials have their failings as well. But that is my present point.

If my generation doesnt watch out, we may become the object of widespread derision by the younger generation(s). We stand the reality of becoming irrelevant and carry the moniker of holding back progress and anethema to solution seeking.

The US is beng held back by my generation of Boomers. Too many of my peers still hold onto the fears from the Cold War era. Too many shrink back from terms that we came to fear during the age, but we fail to consider that these fears may not be the correct paradigm for today's world.

Boomers did a lot of good things, but we did tremendous damage to our world with our near sighted outlook and paradigm. It fit the times, but it no longer as relevant.

I said it before on this site, its time for Boomers to step aside. Our time has come and has past. It's time for the generation who's probloms we've created and left, to take over. Their youth holds the answers to solving our country's and world's problems, regardless who created them. With any luck, Biden (yes he born two years before Boomerism actually began, but was raised during thd Boomer era) will be our last white male or female Boomer to run our government (Harris was born the last official year of Boomerism - it might be hard to classify her as a Boomer as she wasn't raised as part of that era).

t1nick 8 Nov 15

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I'll step aside when I die. That's not soon enough for you?

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