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Today I officially became an octogenarian. You know, one of those whose junk mail consists of ads for adult diapers and funeral homes. There were those who were convinced, because of the reckless abandon with which I approached life, that I would not survive fifty. I have outlived all of them. Looking back over the years, I haven't much to say.

evidentialist 8 Nov 15

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Hippo Birdy!
You actually sound ageless . . . like you continue to enjoy a life full of adventure!

You bet. If I stop, I'll freeze in place. Planning a trip to Alaska next year, pandemic permitting, to show the kids and grandkids the old claim on the Jack Wade and expose them to the Yukon lifestyle. If that falls through, I'll buy a gallon of ice cream.


Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday! I hope to join this club in 17 years. Hang in there. May you become a centennarian in twenty years.

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