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Dating different beliefs

Has anyone dated/married someone with a different beliefs/religion/spirituality and had it last? If so, what makes it work?

PenningtonCM 5 Apr 11

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Not talking about it


I once was with a religious woman, things were mostly based on sex and our mutual love for nerdy things but when the belief came into the picture things began to deteriorate and her inability to accept me for who I was ultimately lead to our demise. We tried to keep things peaceful and not talk about it but between her parents and her always telling me to just go to church and I would see how wrong I was, things would get heated, and one too many times of that and that was it. I am sure every experience will be different, but this was mine and why I will not date someone who is more than just passively religious, because if it is a family thing and is a common part of their life then in my opinion it will never work long term unless one or the other is converted.


In one now, with a god-person, for about two months. We talk our differences and doubts out - no holds barred. I can't say I've ever been challenged in quite this way ever. He has backed off noticeably when with me, not blessing me when we say goodbye (even when I sneeze!), or wishing me a "blessed day" .
He adores me, is a blank-but-very-willing slate in bed, and treats me like a queen. I might get used to this ...
As long as we're able to share any issues that come up, who knows ?


I made it last 8 years before she cheated on me. She started as a Pentacostal and I worked her towards agnosticism.


I was married to a Christian for 36 years (until she died 5 years ago). She was not all that outspoken or preachy about it. We both respected each other's right to believe what they thought was best. In other words, it takes tolerance and respect (for the person - not neccessarily the belief).


I have, but the relationships did not last long.


Seems like a future problem. I never have but want to date another atheist. Seems more comfortable.

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