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So my last girlfriend got me into dungeons and dragons and now I am hooked. I was creating a female drow claric and wanted to give her a love life back story. It made me wonder what would the male/female dating dynamic look like in a truely gynocratic society. I was thinking she has to go on an epic adventure to gain her boyfriend s mother's permission to marry him.

AlexiaJaquet1 5 Nov 27

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Get the future mother-in-law some sweet spider jewelry, and if you really like her it comes to life and makes poison attacks against her enemies at dinner parties.


Serial monogamy?

zrez Level 4 Feb 28, 2018

Nice idea. You can look at history and totally reverse it to misandry.

If they're nobles, do they treat their sons as a way to make family alliances, and never agree to marry them off if they don't get some kind of alliance out of it? Is your own family prominent enough? If not, maybe you have to find some other way to form an alliance between them and another family, and they'll give you his hand anyway.

Do they treat their sons like property, selling them off to the highest bidder, and would never agree to sell for too little? Do you have competition? Is there another courter, maybe some rich woman that can currently outbid you? Is there something the mother values more, that you can go find for her, to win his hand? Will the other rich woman know what you're up to, and try to help you fail, or beat you to it?

Maybe his mother has passed away, and his father is trying to win rights over the family property, that an aunt or something is trying to take away, since he's just a male, and to get his permission, maybe you have to go on a campaign for men's rights. Maybe the aunt says she'll give you permission, as she'll be the boyfriend's rightful guardian if she wins the rights. What do you do? lol

Those are all awesome ideas. I feel like this would be a step up from what men are treated like in the underdark drow societies where Lolth worship dominates society. Abandoning Lolth for Eilistraee would result in some social reform. I don't think full socal equality would be achieved just because of the culture.

Check out her twin brother, Vhaeraun, who is back alive, has the second most Drow worshipers, and is now getting along with his sister, to some degree. Maybe the father and/or boyfriend are secretly followers of his, and could be pitted against a female family member who is a servant of Loth. Maybe there are enough followers of Vhaeraun in this area, along with his sister's followers, and/or help from followers of Shar and/or Mask.




Okay, that may be the most original gaming idea I have ever heard....Drow can be real hard asses, so that adventure could be savage....hmmm....that is a really good idea.

Well part of the back story is that she she is a half drow form a society of surface dwelling worshipers of Eilistraee, the only good goddess in the drow Pantheon. I am thinking the matriarchal societal system shouldn't produce an exact opposite mirror to the dating system you have from what could be called more traditional patricarcal society. I feel like certain dynamics would change and new dynamics created.

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