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The shit that comes out of Hannity's lie hole is no more meaningful than the shit that comes from Cadet Bone Spurs. Don't let any of this crap affect your blood pressure.


How do you pardon yourself or other folks who have not been charged with anything by the federal government. Does that mean you could commit future crimes and could not be prosecuted? This makes no sense at all. Pardons are for people who have been convicted of a crime or crimes.

And doesn't accepting a pardon involve admitting guilt?

Are they admitting guilt for crimes they haven't committed yet?
Or are they admitting guilt for crimes that we haven't learned about yet but that they apparently expect we will?

This is getting weird, and scary.


What’s new ?


I generally badly dislike 'witch hunts'(tm).

But since tRump has apparently been taking steps to hide his and his minions and his enablers acts -- such as deliberately violating the Presidential Records Act I'm afraid that a lot of the evil of this group will only be revealed through somewhat unrestricted investigations.


Sean H is a shitstain on your tv

What did shit stains ever do to be so badly treated as to be compared to Sean Hannity

@dermot235 yeah, good point.....

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