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Can Noone see the glaringly one sided assault on Christianity..
I totally agree all religions are & always have been. Designed by humans to control , manipulate & tranfuse money power & loyalty from its victims to those who claim leadership.
Burn , deface or vandalise Christian place's of worship..Not a murmur pointing out the waste of a created monument or structure being fruitless destructive & achieving nothing.
But dear hang a strip of bacon off a mosque door handle.
Suddenly major police resources go into a perceived hate crime..A French teacher depicts Muhammad. Gets her throat cut. Then like clockwork the twitterazzi are defending a MURDERER..." That religious sensibilities be recognised. "
Christianity boo hiss. Islam, oppressed minority .
Attack one religious belief, attack them all. Consistency is Underated.

Islam will in the next 5-10 years be the dominant religious faith on earth..
Christianity will die with hardly a body count.. Islam will not bow down at all. In fact Sharia maybe coming to a voting booth near us all.


A thought about religion.......


I "see" red robes.


Nothing surprising from the braindead and brainwashed.


What the fuck else can be reasonably expected from a bunch of delusional religutards?


Its Utah. A state founded by polygamist Mormons. Is anyone shocked?


SUE. Bastards at a school near where I lived fought to teach intelligent design (school board - Dover, Pennsylvania). They lost close to 2 million dollars. The group suing only took somewhere between a quarter and half million to pay legal costs as long as the district didnt try this again. Voters threw out the entire school board. I don't think those voters really cared about science - money, however, changes cotes.


That's a public school. SMH. When I was 1st and 2nd grade they used to read from the Bible in school. Remember that Bob? Madeline Murray took that shit to the Supreme Court. Third grade, no more prayer. This fucking court would uphold it.

I remember we had to say prayers before lunch. I brought up the Supreme Court saying no more prayers. My teacher went mental on me saying SHE would decide when we wouldn't pray. A couple days later prayers ended and there was no explanation from the teacher.

From my 4th Grade up we were forced to assembly every morning at 8am to say that "our father" prayer before going to our respective classes. This was the law by the apartheid govt. It didn't matter whether you were Hindu, Muslim, non-religious or other, it was made compulsory. The apartheid govt school inspector would visit from time to time to make sure the assembly prayer was carried out.


Those board members are effing hilarious with the refusal to use their brains, their bigotry, their narcissism, and their evil ways.

I also like to think of the FSM and profit Bobby Henderson and those leaders/teachers not talking about that 🙂

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