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POLL Ammon Bundy’s organization descends on Idaho official’s home in latest misguided anti-mask protest

Liberals need to get over their gun nonsense (2nd Amendment and open carry laws make them legal and we should start recognizing that) and start playing the anti-masking terrorists (for that is what people who threaten the life of others are) game. Keep it legal but recognize what's legal, as the crazies are largely doing, and use it to make them afraid. Stay on public sidewalks outside their homes and play very loud gunfire sounds between very loud speeches by figures like Malcolm X instead of Dr King. Carry signs constantly that tell the gop-terrorists what they can expect from you if they don't rejoin the social contracts instead of trying to push aside the norms. We can go against norms as well and they need to feel that we will or fear does not take place. That's how the bullying game is played. Not by walking away but by breaking the bully's nose and waiting for them to run away from us. Public sidewalks in front of houses and businesses are legal protestation spots. One can play any sound they like, as loudly as they like, and make everyone on the block very mad at who lives among them. If this is how they want to play then go ahead and play the same game. We won't win playing a different one, however. This idea of "Going high" is a losing deal, just like the Obama Presidency, and we should recognize that. Eliot Ness did.
That's my advice at this point. Waiting for the new Confederacy to be born, on 1/20/21, might be too late. In fact, starting to act like them might prevent the new Confederacy from being born by hoax inauguration in Florida. Should that happen then hoards of liberals need to descend upon the fortress Marred-by-Lardo and insure Agent Goldfinger doesn't get a moments rest or relief from fear (if he's capable of feeling it and I'm pretty sure he is). Yes, this will probably bring open warfare but that's where it seems we, the u$A, are as 2020 Christmas bells begin ringing.
Christ Almighty what a fun society✝️

You seem to make a great deal of sense, RainmanJr.

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rainmanjr 7 Dec 10

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Black people have a protest they're met with high powered rifles. If people are anti fascists their called Antifa. Terrorists. White people with AR15s and AK47s march on this state house and assault police? No problem!

I love Trevor so that was fun. You only got as far as guns and commented. Right? I know. Democrats do want to end gun ownership and I know because I was once one of you. I'm still a Democrat, amazed that has to be pointed out over and over, but think only the 'publicans can address guns because they created the problem and protect it. How do we get them to do that? Blacks, browns, yellows, reds, all have the same right to open carry. I suggest the white Democrats join them and let's confront anyone we see abuse that right. I'm pretty certain Congress will be able to pass some gun reform then.

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