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Why does this post not show in “My Posts”?

I love this man.


skado 9 Dec 12

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I just posted 2 hrs ago. I don’t see it !


I logged in as you on desktop and can see your posts on your profile page... hmmm

Admin Level 8 Dec 13, 2020

Thanks for checking on it. It's a mystery. Most of the other posts are there, but this one is missing on both my iPhone and my MacBook. And I've noticed it happening every once in a while. Not the end of the world - just weird.


Go to your profile. Click on "Posts."

All of my posts show on my profile.

Thanks. It doesn't show on mine. I've noticed it before occasionally.


I just went to your profile and clicked on "554 posts". It shows there

Word Level 8 Dec 12, 2020

Thanks. Looks like I’m the only one who doesn’t have access to it. I wonder if others have this problem. Have you noticed any of your posts not showing up on your “posts” tab?

@skado making a general glance at my profile, it appears my posts are posting there. Not saying I know for sure that none are missing.

Mine usually do, but I've noticed it will drop one occasionally.

@skado frequently don't appear with group posts.


I checked your "posts" list and it was there. Not sure why you can't see it.

Leelu Level 6 Dec 12, 2020

Thanks for checking. Seems now maybe someone told me that before, and I had forgotten. I’m glad it shows up for others. I hope site geeks can make it visible on my side. It’s been a persistent problem.

@skado It was the 6th one down, if that helps.
I've had that happen and it didn't right itself until the next day. Glitch of some sort.


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