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Having fun wrapping Christmas gifts.

For my daughter, her boyfriend Shane, and friends.

The triangular gift looks intriguing. It's a non-stick frying pan.

LiterateHiker 9 Dec 13

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Beautifully wrapped gifts 😉


Beautifully wrapped,weight may giveaway the contents ,but it is always a pleasure to open a present


or a slice of stale Pizza

good one,but knowing @Literitehiker it would be anything but stale,she is an excellent cook


Thanks, Roy!

The stale pizza slice joke by @dermot235 is hilarious!

@LiterateHiker Yes it ,is ,Never know what one will say on here


Very creative!

It is


People who are so well organized, they get everything done two weeks in advance. I am still shopping for my friends. Have you never though about the health benefits of a last minute adrenalin rush. LOL


Have fun

bobwjr Level 10 Dec 13, 2020
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