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LINK Trump schemes next political moves after effort to overthrow democracy dead ends at Supreme Court - CNNPolitics

(CNN)President Donald Trump's effort to unravel democracy hit a dead end at the Supreme Court Friday night, capping five weeks in which he dragged the country along on his narcissistic quest to stay in power after President-elect Joe Biden overwhelmingly won the election.

In the end, the guardrails of democracy stayed in place. Trump lost -- for the second time at the Supreme Court this week. But instead of helping the effort to curb a deadly pandemic that has claimed nearly 300,000 American lives by easing the transition for his successor, he is already scheming about his next political moves. Before the high court rejected his bid Friday, his campaign announced a cable ad buy to further his fraudulent claims about the election, and he clearly intends to try and meddle in Congress' counting of the Electoral College results in January.

snytiger6 9 Dec 13

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Clearly we are dealing with a 2 year old boy and not a man.

We are dealing with an Oligarch Tycoon. They generally don't know the meaning of "Give up and go home." They play hard for all the marbles and sometimes win by doing so. I won't say we are out of danger but 45 is clearly of this attitude.

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