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The most deadly virus is not C19?

According to this address by John Pilger it is war created by USA, Britain & Israel


FrayedBear 9 Dec 14

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You hate America don't you? I know John Pilger does. Always posting Anti-American shit. I'll tell you something about Palestine. When 19 Saudis blew up the Towers, they were dancing in the streets. They are Muslims, the worst religion on the planet. I'm the only person in this site who calls it like it is with them. Fuck Palestine.

You obviously know nothing of what has happened in Israel since its inception have you? Are you sure that it was 19 Saudis who blew up the twin towers? All the probability and evidence now is against it being correct.

Regarding hate: I very much doubt that John Pilger hates any nationality or country's citizens en masse. I'm sure that like me he hates the individuals who subvert & twist the reality to deceive people in order achieve their subversive aims. You squeal about the few thousands who died after 9/11 but have no concern for the million plus murdered by America's illegal war against Iraq. Murder still occurring through the use of the abomination of depleted uranium shells - a weapon of mass destruction. []

Get out of your whisky bottle Joe.

@FrayedBear Those figures are false. They breached the Monroe doctrine. I support our troops.

@barjoe here ar the Swedes []

Then again there is report published under Harvard University pages []
And on the cover up:
for download

And from Hearst Newspapers


@barjoe And wtf has the Monroe doctrine got to do with things?

@barjoe Strangely enough, unlike citizens of the USA, who are indoctrinated with flag worship and ultra nationalism from the start of their education, the rest of the world (including @FrayedBear, John Pilger and myself) are NOT obliged to love the USA, nor support their troops, nor treat the stars and stripes as an untouchable idol.
I have noted recently that your posts have been taking an American Centric tone that verges on religious puritanism, when faced with the blasphemous utterings of a profane heretic you react with "righteous" rage worthy of a religious fanatic, have you noted this in yourself?

@LenHazell53 I am not a Marxist. I'm an Atheist. I'm also a proud American. I am a centrist. What is wrong with that? I think for myself and I am conservative and liberal at the same time. I oppose tax exempt status for religious institutions. I support the 2nd Amendment and find it necessary in our society to carry a firearm. I oppose the death penalty because it's irrevocable and unfairly applied. I support a strong military. I support defunding law enforcement as we know it. I think police should be prosecuted for brutality. I oppose Donald Trump and Proud Boys. I am for immigration reform. I support freedom of the press. I don't like hearing people from the international community bashing the United States and I will defend my country.

@barjoe Hamlet, Act III, Scene II, 230


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