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Do I get a Tee Shirt?

rogerbenham 8 Dec 15

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Congratulations Roger.


You have to order it.....choose your size, colour, give your address, etc.

From whom do I order it? Thanks.

@rogerbenham You should have a congratulations note from the site where it tells you that reaching level 8 entitles you to a tee shirt & pen. The order page should be there. Or go to your page, find the levels, & the ''perks'' at level 8, click on that & it should get you to where you need to go.

@Lilac-JadeCanada Well nothing obvious there so I dropped a message to Admin. You are one of my closest Agnostic neighbours. This is the first time that I'd heard about a pen.

@rogerbenham Yeah, it's decent quality shirt & pen too. I hope you can get to the order page.


I don't know if they still do that. Try messaging Admin. Congratulations on reaching level 8.

Thanks. It does not matter much as I do have Christian friends and I have no desire to offend them. I'm also not a logo guy. I once ripped off all the GMC plastic logos on my pickup knowing that mechanics would know what it was and not desiring to advertise for GMC.

@rogerbenham Shirts annoy me the most.

@rogerbenham apart from that ridiculous habit of having tailors labels on the outside of coat sleeves.

@FrayedBear Saville Row suits ( i had two) had no labels. They knew without a label who had made the suit. There was no need to proclaim one's worth when one made the best.

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