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Would you consider using an established religious rite to your benefit?

Firstly, let me just say that their should be an 'ethics' category.....

I'm specifically thinking of marriage, but the question applies to any religious element you like.

Would you consider marrying someone because it provided greater benefit to you in your country, even though the institution is not something you believe in?

Or go one step further; marry someone so they could live in your country.

One step further again; in the context of:

  • Someone you love and want to be with anyway.
  • Someone you like, and both think that maybe something is there, but you definitely wouldn't even be considering marriage otherwise.
    *Someone who is a friend and you'd do it just because they asked you to.
  • For a stranger for financial gain. (Or for a friend for financial gain, for that matter).
Kreig 7 Nov 28

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I will do as I please. If my pleasure is for a religious, I will love a religious. If it is to help a (extremely good - let me emphasize that) friend stay in the country by marriage, I will. I think first/foremost we want choice. It is a deprivation of choice that has ruined our expectations of our lives, to the point of feeling like growling dogs in a kennelled corner. To enjoy fully that light, to shine it as bright as you like in any direction you want, is what originally brought me to learn to detest the family and community around me. It is forgiving and moving on from it that I stride for everyday. Living isn't remembering/reinforcing our restricted baggage but throwing it into the fire and travelling on. Not unlike a certain pagan ritual around this time of the year 😃


My son was married last April. It was a lovely service, and God didn't rate a mention.


I say yes. The idea of a marriage contract being sacred is based in religious dogma and I have no problem with regarding any contract as the legal document it is. In fact, my husband (in life, not in law) and I have discussed this very arrangement when and if the ACA is repealed. He is a dual citizen with Canada, and he'll marry me so I can get healthcare there if my pre-existing conditions exclude me from coverage here.

This said, I would be very careful what my vows were, because irrespective of a god, I'm a person of my word. Good luck!

id get married to do something like that for sure the same as I would swear on a bible in court but it still means nothing to me.


In many countries there are legal and financial benefits to marriage that make it a sensible move. Marriage is not a religious rite, unless one makes it so. Even then, the tripe we hear from various religions is not even true for them. Marriage has always been a legal, financial, and/or political detail. Common law in many places has made the marriage pact not as important as it once was.

Now, to answer the headline question: Yes, if that rite were to service the village virgins. Otherwise, no.


Legal marriage does not require any religion in the States. However, it does provide extra privilege compared to unmarried citizens. As long as everything is consensual, I couldn't blame two people for taking advantage of a corrupt system so that they would have a fair chance. As long as living things aren't directly or indirectly harmed by one's decisions, we should do more of what we want. Who cares if the oppressive system gets cheated? It's cheated humanity even more.


Brother thats a good one. My neighbors across the street are ,she Methodist, him Catholic. He goes to his, she goes to hers. Sometimes he goes with her. My wife is Catholic and im i support my wife. I don't flaunt me around her. Shes my bride. Thats important to me. Im nothing special that needs to be heard. I don't need to lable or hurt her. I respect her. Aww brother, what can i say. At work, i treated people with respect even when i was the teacher or the supervisor. I feel that AA and NA books led me to other books that help open my eyes. Talking to others enlighten me. You got to do what your heart tells you. My wife is short, smart, was single when i met her. Been that way for awhile, me too. We don't see eye to eye sometimes but i still cherish her. Oh yes, my expectations are simple so i go with the flow. There are so many people out there that would like a wonderful significant other. I appreciate my wife too. It works for us. My neighbors are fantastic too.

Lol... shes just delited that im not stuck in the news. Thats all i ever did was read the news. I don't do Facebook or Twitter. I think this forum is fantastic.


I would get paper married for certain benefits, if I really needed to.

However, I don’t consider marriage as religious as others. It’s more about taxes and benefits, isn’t it? It’s no longer for children only.


In the United States I’d consider marrying for healthcare alone.

That’s why I said alone, I wouldn’t share a domicile/name or bodily fluids.

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