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Best speech goes to Rep Steny Hoyer. It is done in OUR House. Agent Тяцмр has been Impeached for the second time. First time in u$A history. Ten gop (the most bipartisan support for Impeachment of the four times its happened), led by Rep Elizabeth Cheney, voted to Impeach.

Should The Senate reconvene and remove?

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rainmanjr 7 Jan 13

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I'd like to see it backburnered and "investigated" (like the world hasn't seen this unfolding for years) while Biden gets his cabinet and policies under way.

Then, with a Democrat controlled Congress and more time to hang himself further with the Repuliscum, we are much more likely to get a conviction.

Let's let the state, criminal and civil courts get a chance too.

It will take time but we'll find out who all was involved. These people aren't brilliant.

@rainmanjr Not even their Ivy league congressionals.

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